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Story through video is one of the best (I may be a bit biased as a Producer). This quick edit shows my first day out this season skiing with my little brother- though you don’t see how dang cold we were, nor the sibling rivalry fight, or good convos that made it all worth it!!!

But that’s why I love Producing so much! I get to remember my day like this video and ignore the fact that my toes were purple by nightfall!

WPSU Sports 2016 Mini Reel. Working in sports and making Football and Basketball shows. And producing edits like these…

What I love about working on a broadcast TV show in sports is that even though people may know the outcome of the game, you can choose a shot, or music, or nat sound that inspires the fans and takes viewers to the grit of the moment for athletes. #Unrivaled #Unlocked #WeAre

The best stories are #love #stories! I’m honored to post this #wedding video for my dear friend Fenny and her new husband David! Not only did I get to #film the event, but I was also IN the wedding! The #video project was a last minute idea on my end to give an extra gift to the #bride and #groom as I captured little moments throughout the day. As I was in the wedding, I was not able to capture video during the bridal party photos and ceremony. All photograph images belong to Sarah Kriner Photography.


Filmmaker Pearl Gluck works with actors Pearl Regina Westerviller and James Gagne, Jr. on location for her new film, “The Turn Out.”

Another inspiring woman I know from Penn State, Pearl Gluck is producing a film on trafficking, this time from a mans perspective as the main character. Listen to more on the podcast by WPSU and hear what is happening all around us, and about the film.

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" - Photocall

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 25: Zoe Saldana attends the “Guardians of the Galacy” photocall on July 25, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Human Trafficking is something I found out about when I was in 10th grade, and I could never really shake it. It’s so cool to see people… women… Zoe Saldana stepping up in their gifts and careers, like film production, to make a difference in the lives of boys, girls, and women getting trafficked around the world!! Read more about Zoe Saldana’s documentary here. ‪#‎producersinpink‬


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